You Want It? Then Make It Happen!

winter-260838_1280Happy New Year 2017!

Welcome to my blog and the first entry for the new year!

Today the vibration of excitement and anticipation fills the air. We are brave and inspired! 

It’s a new year and today is the 1st day.

I thought about the number one, and the ideas associated with “being 1st”. In relation to numbers and money specifically, the 1 must come before anything else to have true value. Billions of zeros mean nothing without a 1 in front.

So, here we are on day 1 of this New Year.

We have an opportunity to create an incredible day, using the passion and excitement that is raging (maybe a little too much after last night!)

What is the value of today and how do we harness this energy and direct it towards our goals?

Intention vs. Want

Wanting is simply wishing you can have or do a particular thing .

Intending means you’re committed to achieving something by making a plan for success—and sticking to it!

Today’s Effort: How to Have a Great Day… Every Day! 

Did you know that you can set an intention to have a great day?

The key to intention is action – try this to build your intention muscle:

Rather than diving into your morning and hoping you’ll achieve your day’s big goal, why not take a moment and set yourself up for success?

Try this “Setting An Intention to Succeed” exercise used by professional athletes, speakers, politicians, and performers:

Upon waking, lie in bed and think about what you have planned for your day (or, find a quiet spot to sit and contemplate).

Think about your desired outcome. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualize yourself succeeding. Replay your success several times in your mind.

Next, add other senses, including sounds, smells, and touch.

For instance, as you replay your success, you now also smell the delish new recipe you are baking, or you feel the physical sensation of your finger hitting the “send” button on your latest assignment.

Lastly, replay the scene again, adding emotions. Feel your elation at the sight of perfect muffins, or your pride at finally finishing your work.

Use this technique daily to stay focused on your intentions throughout the week ahead.

Be proud of yourself! 

In joy,




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