Balance; Is it a Myth?

The Pursuit of Harmony

We are such busy people in the world today.  Always something to do and somewhere to go. We have careers, family commitments, partners, classes, hobbies, worship time-just to name a few!  Plus, big desires to improve our health, right?stone-315466_640

How can one possibly balance so many things?  I’m going to let you in on a little secret here:  You can’t.

The definition of balance says “a condition in which different elements are equal”.

That is rarely true of the diverse aspects in our lives, nor does it make practical sense.

Let us bring our focus to the idea of Harmony.

The definition of harmony says “agreement or concord”.

With harmony you experience everything co-existing in a spirit of cooperation.

I like the sound of that!

But whatever you want to call it —harmony, balance, or “getting it all done”— there is a method to doing more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.


Today’s Effort :  Wish List

Creating harmony in 5 minutes – try this to get clear on what you want:

First ask yourself what isn’t serving you. What doesn’t need to be in your life? What is dragging you down? Keeping you awake at night? Have you identified a few things?

List these things in a column on a sheet of paper ( or type them up ).

Next, ask yourself what you do want in your life—or in this coming week or simply, today?

What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be with?

Focus your energy on these things.

Now list the things in which you do want. Write them in a column beside your first list.

If you wrote on paper then tear the sheet of paper in half splitting the things you don’t want away from the things you do want. If this was electronic, then delete the things listed that you do not want.

Anything that doesn’t fit into this larger scheme of what you want to manifest in your life… let it go (or learn how to say “no”). 

Now, choose one of the things on your list of wants and decide on one step you can take today towards it. For example; maybe you want to travel. An action step could be to start a savings specific for travel expenses and make your first deposit into it. Or maybe in your life you want to start your own business. An action step could be to research others in your competitive field to gather ideas. Perhaps you want to feel more love. You could offer a loving smile and greeting next time you meet upon someone-watch the love be returned.

Revisit your list daily to stay focused on what you truly want- see how much more harmonious your life can be.  

No balance required.


Be proud of yourself!


In joy,



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