Achieve What You Believe

 The Future is in Your Mind

As the month gets underway and the rush of the New Year begins to settle, there’s a unique window of time to capture your own attention and focus on what is important to you.



Often people talk about setting goals. I love goals and setting them is definitely a routine for me. I like to take it one step further however, and really make those goals and desires for my future,  part of my  everyday life. I feel this serves two purposes.

  1. I am reminded on a daily basis of my truest goals.
  2. I am able to focus my energy on the action steps needed each day.

So you’ve made a list of  your desires, wants, and goals. Remember the Wish List from last weeks edition? We feel more clear on what we want, yet days are passing and it seems there is barely a scratch on the surface of creating actual change, right?

The process of making those desires become reality requires commitment to yourself. 

We each have the same number of hours in a day. By giving focus and attention to creating the life we want (rather than letting life happen to us) we are living in the true expression of love and light that God created us to be.

“ My life is my message” – Gandhi


Today’s Effort: Make it Real

Achieve Goals with Single Pointed Focus- try this to maximize your potential for success:

Create a vision board by gathering images and words that pertain to your goals and dreams.

Look in magazines, newspapers and junk mail. Allow yourself to let loose and have fun, clipping anything that resonates with you and your wishes for the future.

Once you have a pile of goodies, use a large piece of construction paper and glue the images and words in place. Arrange them to please your eyes.

If you like working online, you can find all kinds of pictures and phrases, and for the sake of your personal use, most are easy to print out or copy / paste to a word doc.

It’s important to place your finished collage in a spot where you’ll see it often.

Choose one goal from the vision board and do something.

Let’s say you want to eat more servings of vegetables a day. This might be represented by a large beautiful salad on your vision board. Your first action may be to go to a local market and purchase a few veggies you can use in your meals. Or, perhaps you just need to wash the dishes so you have a clean knife to chop the carrots!

Whatever is it, identify a small direct step and do it.  Celebrate your achievement!

This can become a daily habit and within a weeks time imagine what could be accomplished towards a larger vision for the future?!

Be proud of yourself!


In joy,





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