Love as Medicine

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s Sunday, starting my week strong with you!  ♥

So, maybe it’s a bit cliche’ to write a blog about love so close to Valentine’s day–but I
couldn’t resist!! It is true that the special day, February 14th, is celebrated by an estimated 62% of America. The day of love is a cute occasion to show a little extra appreciation. Valentine hearts and cupid shooting arrows may be the 21st century symbols of love, but the tradition of displaying a gesture towards someone you love has been going on
for decades. Nowadays February 14th has become another big consumer holiday. One
that is monopolized by pink and red, heart candies, chocolate and flowers. As a female
who loves flowers (and chocolate) I can attest that those things are nice. Just that
though, nice. They do not show me that I am loved, and despite the definite sweetness of
receiving such a gift, they do little to nothing to evoke a deep sense that I am a human
being who is appreciated. The gestures are nice, but living in love is a where a true lifestyle can be cultivated. One that lasts more than a single day.

Love is more than words and that “warm fuzzy feeling” you get on the inside. Love is
putting the needs of someone else before your own needs. When we choose to take an
action based solely on the benefit another person will receive. This will be on 2/14, and 2/15, and 2/16…Showing love means showing up, every day, in the best version of You.


LOVE & HEALTH.  love-2015187_640

Self -love is built from the thoughts and actions that you choose. It is a state of appreciation for oneself. You are creating life with your thoughts, and those act as the gifts we give to ourselves.

Loving yourself is all about taking care of YOU. It means looking at the amazing human you are, breathing and walking on this earth and you have potential to be great each and every day. When we take care of our needs, and we treat ourselves with love, we feel better, naturally. This can lead to less stress, and more contentment. When stress triggers are eliminated the body can heal faster and fend off disease more readily.


“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”-Buddha

Today’s Effort: Become your own Valentine

Try these ideas to cultivate more love in your life.

  1. Practice Mindfulness. Connect with what you are feeling and thinking. Your thoughts create words and words create actions. Notice what you are saying to yourself. Are you looking at the mirror saying “You are beautiful”, “You are handsome” ? Or, when driving are you grumbling that the person in front of you is going so slow? When we become mindful of what the mind is saying, we can make better choices in how we talk to ourselves. Get in touch with who you truly are and you will be more likely to act in accordance with love and non-judgement.
  2. Practice self- care. Give to yourself. Nurture the body as the temple that is truly is. Commit to healthy activities that bring you joy such as adequate sleep, social interactions, fresh food , daily exercise and music.Try this recipe for a yummy breakfast ready to eat for Monday morning. Or, treat yourself to a bath and a glass of wine. We must love ourselves enough to take care of what makes us happy. This will exude outward from there.
  3. Practice listening. First we need to listen to our intuition more so that we can learn to follow what truly resonates with importance in life. This innate signal is subtle so taking time to quiet the mind, perhaps with deep breathing, meditation, or yoga, gives opportunity to get in touch with this more fully. Next, listening to others, especially those that we love allows for a true opportunity to see the other perspective and the benefits you both will receive of better communication, more understanding, more compassion, and overall stronger connection, will be well worth it!


Give yourself a little sweetness by loving it up! Look at your face and body and find one feature to compliment. Wrap your arms around yourself and give a big hug.

Be proud of yourself!

In Joy,




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