Mother Nature Knows Best

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Spring Forward!
There is another awesome week ahead, and lucky for us it comes one day, and one moment at a time.
I am so thankful to open my eyes today and share a bit of love with you!
This month I am on a Spring trend , as I cannot help feeling the energy of it in the air.
This time of year is an excellent opportunity to embrace the feeling of renewal and to start taking those action steps toward goals that have been brewing all winter. With spring comes (for me anyway) getting outdoors more, gardening, and FRESH PRODUCE!

I’m talking about the “just picked”, “vine ripened”, fruits and veggies that are exploding with flavor! Personally, I love growing my own, but lately with traveling it’s more difficult. Nothing beats that freshness though and the best way to achieve it is to choose local, seasonal foods.

Eating seasonally has lots of benefits besides just extremely fresh foods. As though you needed more convincing, right?
Seasonal eating means to be in tune with the body and its different needs depending on what changes are occurring around us.
According to Dr. Douillard, creator of the 3-Season Diet and leading practitioner in Ayurvedic Medicine, the body naturally craves soups, nuts, warm grains, and protein like meat and fish during the winter to stay warm; low-fat foods like salads, berries, and leafy greens in the spring to feel light; and naturally high-carbohydrate foods like fruits and vegetables in the summer to keep the body cool.
The 3-Season Diet considers the 3 seasons in which harvesting occurs naturally in nature-Spring, Summer, and Fall. The diet calls for foods high in protein and fat in the fall and winter. During the spring, low-fat foods are recommended, and during the summer, a high-carbohydrate diet is said to be best.
In Ayurveda,the combination of eating at the right time of day, with the seasons, consideration for your body type and an exercise routine,  all help you  to reach a healthy weight and maintain high energy levels.

 Eating seasonal is simple, cost-effective and fun!

When we choose the foods that are available during a particular season this allows the support of local grown and harvested foods thereby giving our dollars to the hard-working small farms. When we funnel our revenue this direction it not only supports small business but also gives more incentive for local prices to stay low.
By choosing what is available during different months of the year we introduce variety and maybe, get a little adventurous and try something new!

Spring- foods to include:
-Leafy greens and salads
Summer- foods to include:
Fall/Winter- foods to include:
-Root Vegetables
-Protein (meat ,fish, beans)

Today’s Effort-  Discover Your Season

Visit your local farmers market or choose a couple of fruits and veggies that are currently in season where you live. Perhaps, look for tender sprouts, lettuce, fresh spinach, or other greens. Whip up a simple salad topped with sliced almonds,  dried cranberries, feta cheese and an olive oil dressing!

If you’re not sure whether  a particular item is “in season” simply ask the vendor or check for signs that indicate Local Grown and Seasonal. Often a locally grown item is going to be in season unless it was grown out of season in a greenhouse, or harvested from other controlled conditions. Though greenhouse grown fruits and vegetables can be organic and local they may not be entirely seasonal for your climate. So just be aware that local and seasonal are not one in the same, but often they can be.


– supports local grown foods

– fresher produce

– increased energy

– supports the natural needs of body at different stages

– provides variety throughout the year

– less desire for processed foods


While all this may sound like a great idea it’s not always easy to find fresh, in season fruits and veggies all year-long. And, for some of us, we love certain foods that are Not ever going to be “in season” because  maybe we live in a climate that does not support the growing of some foods so for those items just make the best choice to have sustainably harvested and organically grown whenever possible.

Here’s a link you can use to find out what foods are seasonal in your area!


Be proud of yourself!

In Joy,


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