Movement Is Magic

Exercise Your Way To Great Health


We’ve all heard that exercise is important. From early on, children are encouraged to get outside, get moving, play sports, and join lots of activities. Sure, kids are growing, learning, and need many outlets to support the growth of their minds and bodies. But what happens when we become adults? For a lot of us, exercise becomes a chore.
It is now considered “ good for our health” so we should do it right? And if we miss a day, then there’s a bit of guilt, or excuses. Sound familiar? It is to me because I’ve been there. I get all pumped up with a workout I love or a yoga class I joined and everything goes great for a while. Something happens, the schedule changes, a missed class, traveling, etc. and the routine is out the window. Now, for those of you who this crazy cycle does not apply to, please share your positive tips for staying on track, below!

Studies have proven that daily exercise helps the body to guard against many disease. It promotes blood circulation and boosts the elimination of toxins.
The body thrives with regular movement and strengthening of the organs and their functions.exercise-2029537_640
There are so many positive reasons to exercise, here a few of my favorites:

Healthy Lungs
Your breath gets faster and heavier when exercising in order to provide your body with the increased oxygen levels that are needed. As breathing rate increases, muscles around your lungs begin to work up to maximum capacity until you reach your maximal oxygen consumption. The more you exercise this capacity can increase.

Healthy Heart
During exercise the heart rate increases in order to pump more blood, and therefore increased amounts of oxygen throughout the body. Through regular exercise, the cardiovascular system is strengthened.  The more efficient your heart becomes at its job, the harder and longer you can sustain physical activity. Exercise gives you the potential to increase HDL cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure.

Healthy Brain
Exercise increases blood flow and directly benefits the brain. The cells are reawakened, allowing for more alertness and focus during and after exercise.  With the stimulated blood circulation comes increased oxygen in the brain, promoting healthy growth of new brain cells.

Healthy Mood
During exercise, the brain releases chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine – these are chemicals that work together to boost your mood and trigger a “feel good” sensation. This brain function can help to elevate stress and fight depression.

Healthy Skin
When we move our muscles a lot, heat is generated, causing the body temperature to rise. In response to this, your blood vessels dilate and increase blood flow to the skin.
The evaporation of sweat from the skin helps your body cool down and regulate its temperature. This is also a great release for toxins that may be building up within the body.

Healthy Weight
Exercise helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level by increasing insulin sensitivity and controlling weight. Strengthening muscle mass also promotes more efficient burning of calories.


Self – Care Standards

A definition of the word standard: a structure built for or serving as a base or support.
I came up with this term “self-care standards” and I believe these are important to recognize as such for two reasons. One it really helps to become clear on what this means to you as it can be the foundation of the choices you make on a daily basis.
Two, knowing these standards and living them is an example of self-worth and love.
By understanding what my standards are, I am able to recognize when the lack of self-care is bringing me down. On the flip side, I also know when I am giving to myself and the outward expression of me is so much better. My productivity is higher, I am more patient, loving, and kind.

So, you may be asking yourself what all this self-care talk has to do with exercise.

HERE’S the connection- our daily habits are going to ultimately create the life we have and so, to be strong, full of energy and happy we must cultivate the habits that bring this about.
One of these habits is daily movement and exercise.

Exercise comes in many forms, from running, dancing, weight lifting, HIIT, and more.
It is best to choose something that you enjoy, of course, but also that works well with your body type and lifestyle.  
Regardless of the type of exercise you choose, your body goes through a series of physiological events. It’s important to note that while exercise is highly recommended, when trying anything new, always start slow and if possible follow a guide and listen to your body.

At the end of the day, life is a gift and what we do with it is our gift to ourselves. The commitments we make to ourselves need to be priority, yet often times we put them at the bottom of the list. Since when is self-care selfish?
I can only be my best for the world when I am at my personal best and those standards are different for everyone.

Today’s effort – Get Moving

Choose a type of movement that appeals to you.
Here are a few choices you may like:
Jogging -warmer weather is a great time to get outside!
Yoga -great for gentle workout that incorporates deep breathing .
HIIT -high intensity interval training; can be customized and done in short time frame.
Dancing -no need to go out, pull up YouTube, and get your groove on!

Look at your calendar and schedule for the today. Select a time where you can spend 15 – 20 minutes on your movement of choice.
Repeat this for the next few days.
The idea is to spend a small amount of consistent time each day. Once this becomes a routine try increasing your allotted time by 10 minutes.

Remember, consistency is key here. As well as your investment in yourself.
If you aren’t sure what that is ask yourself this question. What makes Me feel great?The answer may not be “exercise”. But the answer could be “I feel great when I complete all my tasks in a day”,  or,  “when I am well rested”.

Exercise goes hand in hand with these examples because in order to complete tasks efficiently and get quality sleep we need to have a clear mind to process ideas and also to release tension and stress, allowing for deep restful sleep.

Have fun with today’s effort and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of excercise!
Grab a friend and go for a walk.
Be proud of yourself!

In Joy,



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