Peaceful Practice

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
– Albert Einstein

Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. To slow down, and remember to appreciate, just a little bit more, everything that is good in life.

How often do we do this, and why does it take so much effort to consciously (almost forcefully) make ourselves breathe deeply and express gratitude? I know for me it is because I get caught up in achieving my goals, and having a productive day.  I don’t want to just “be lazy” and sit around. I am always active , thinking and doing.
I have come to realize though, that despite my drive to stay busy, nothing is stopping me from taking conscious breaths, or acknowledging my blessings.

The only x- factor is me. Is you.

My conscious mind is where I can take control and focus attention where I want it to go. Moving through life, without direction, purpose, or cultivating contentment , only allows for the negative to crowd in. Worry, stress, and lack of loving ourselves is quite unhealthy. Yet, we do this all the time.

When our bodies are challenged by excessive amounts of mental strain, everything becomes compromised. Cognitive abilities, blood flow, immune function, mood – just to name a few. Living in a constant state of underlying stress isn’t good for anyone and truly does lead to illness and disease.

When stress becomes chronic, the flood of stress chemicals, adrenaline and cortisol – produced by your adrenal glands interfere with your thyroid hormones, causing a ridiculous amount of health-related issues. Some of the most epidemic, such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and/or unstable blood sugar levels.
Worse still, prolonged stress response can lead to adrenal fatigue – a condition often found alongside thyroid disease.

When our body goes into these elevated cortisol levels it signals a state called “fight or flight”. This is where the body and mind feel at danger and want to flee – a natural response to uncomfortable situations; it’s just too bad that most of us have designed our lives with a barrage of activities full of stress inducing chaos!!

Now, most of us do know of outlets for stress- relief and letting go of worries; but if we don’t use them, it’s like the musical instrument that never gets played.

Let’s take this opportunity, right now, to relax, let go, and allow a sense of calm to wash over. We all get caught up in our busy life and hectic schedule, only to find that production levels drop, we skip meals, become grumpy and all because there was never a moment given to practicing peace. morning-2264051_640.jpg

There are many great methods for calming the mind and gaining more serenity, some of my favorites being meditation, nature walks, yoga, exercise, and music.
These all work extremely well, so experiment until you find what works best for you.

Another incredible way to release anxiety and especially buried pain, and fear is a wonderful energetic practice that has been used since the 1990’s called the Emotional Freedom Technique, more commonly known as Tapping, or EFT.
Emotional tapping is a simple method using elements of cognitive therapy and exposure therapy, combined with acupressure. The way it works is by gentle fingertip tapping on 12 acupuncture points.
It has been demonstrated in many clinical trials and hundreds of  peer-reviewed papers that EFT is effective in supporting the release of phobias, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, and other problems.
EFT tapping is able to reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that can trigger emotional distress. Once stress in the body is reduced, balance can be restored and healing will then accelerate.

People suffering from all ailments can benefit from using this, as it aids in the elimination of negative thoughts, feelings, illness, and worry.

This works much in the same was as acupuncture, except there are no needles involved. By tapping points along the meridian lines, you gently stimulate energy to flow through these areas- this can benefit circulation, release of tension, inflammation, and more.

Today’s Effort – Release Your Worries

Choose one of the stress relief techniques mentioned and spend 5 minutes giving some attention to your breathing. You can try meditation, yoga, music, or EFT.

Here is a short video demonstrating a simple example of how  EFT tapping works.
Give it a try! Once you complete 5 minutes, see how you feel. Repeat as many times as you want until the negative emotions/ worry / anxiety / has reduced.

This life is such a wonderful gift. Why go through the day feeling frustrated, afraid, or filled with worry?  Do you have a technique that already works well for you? Share it here, and with a friend!

As always, be proud of yourself.


In Joy,





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The information shared in this article is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any form of illness or disease. The opinions are the author’s alone and are not to be used as a guide to follow for any health related conditions, but rather a sharing of perspective.
Today’s Effort, and it’s authors, take no responsibility for the choices of individuals and encourages you to work alongside a trusted physician and or doctor with any health related issues.


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