Always Wash Your Hands

Habitually we know it’s a good idea to wash up after using the restroom or cleaning dirty grim, right? So I got to thinking,  maybe we ought to “wash clean” from the past year. Not saying the last year was in any way bad, or dirty- just that now is the time for a fresh start.

Many of us will be writing goals and making promises for the year, hoping to instate a sense of commitment to ourselves and to becoming better than we were last year.  I’m an advocate of writing down intentions and I do this myself.  While I was reflecting on mine I realized that in order to really believe in what I was writing I needed to let go of the shame that maybe I didn’t do so great last year. Ya know that feeling of doubt?  The voice that says, “why will this year be any different?”. Truth is, it won’t be, unless you tell yourself that your past doesn’t define your future.

It’s alright to know you failed. And it’s alright to try again. Because failure is when you give up, not when you make a mistake or lose focus. How many times have we beat ourselves up over missing a day of exercise or forgetting an important event? And how often did that guilt and distress resolve the issue? Okay, I know the answer is never! It may seem silly and obvious to be saying this, but I don’t care because my writing is reminders to myself and I need the reminders. Boy, do I need the reminders!

I found out that I love myself a little bit more when I’m proud of being happy. Funny thing to say, I know. But I can’t help getting a little giddy about contentment.  I just feel like, what’s the point in success if the greatest achievement isn’t personal peace?

The Cleanest Surface

Wash your hands. It’s a smart move in the effort to be healthy. Wash your heart and mind? Is that even possible?  I’m here to support that it is. Think about it as wiping up the spills from last year. The hurts, and the confusion can all be swept away.

We each deserve to start fresh, and not just because it’s a new year, but because you’ve consciously chosen to clean up and show up – for the greatness within you.

Today’s Effort: Feeling Fresh

Take 1-2 minutes and reflect on an experience or goal that did NOT work out in 2017. Now, quickly and happily see that (in your mind) and visualize the soapy water, the sponge, or mop, just washing that sight out of view. Watch it slide down the drain and away from you. In the empty space that now resides, pull into your vision something that you WANT for 2018. It can be anything – just watch it come into focus and becoming more clear, more shiny, and more bright. Once your mind’s eye is filled with this new and clean view, smile at this. Embrace this sight with joy and well-being.
Repeat as many times as you wish and admire your gorgeous intentions with the knowing that these are your wishes, and they are all possible.

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